Data Link Layer

  • Data Link Layer is second layer of OSI Layered Model. This layer is one of the most complicated layers and has complex functionalities and liabilities. Data link layer hides the details of underlying hardware and represents itself to upper layer as the medium to communicate.
  • Data link layer works between two hosts which are directly connected in some sense. This direct connection could be point to point or broadcast. Systems on broadcast network are said to be on same link. The work of data link layer tends to get more complex when it is dealing with multiple hosts on single collision domain.
  • Data link layer is responsible for converting data stream to signals bit by bit and to send that over the underlying hardware. At the receiving end, Data link layer picks up data from hardware which are in the form of electrical signals, assembles them in a recognizable frame format, and hands over to upper layer.
    Data link layer has two sub-layers:
    • Logical Link Control: It deals with protocols, flow-control, and error control
    • Media Access Control: It deals with actual control of media.

Data-link Layer Introduction

DCN - Data-link Layer Introduction

DCN - Error Detection & Correction

DCN - Data-link Control & Protocols